Hi, I’m Ryan Bates

I’m a learning coach, teacher, curriculum designer, and founder of HistoryKit.

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Student First

First and foremost, I’m a student. A lifelong learner. This is how I grow and how I serve you. I share my knowledge and experiences to make you a better student or nurturer of students.

Life-long student

Learning Coach

I’m a Learning Coach who focuses on writing and what goes into being a better writer in school. Whether you are a high schooler in a history class, an undergrad student, or grad student in education, I’m here for you.

Learning Coach

Student-centered Teacher

I’m a teacher who focuses on the parts of teaching and learning that transform us to be better learners, problem solvers, and communicators across subject matter, grade level, or profession.

Student-centered teacher

Curriculum Design

I’m a curriculum designer. This is my passion. Creating new curriculum and tinkering with existing content to make us better students, better learners, better teachers.

Curriculum design


I’m the founder of HistoryKit. HK focuses on the ins and outs of learning history through the development of supportive curriculum and instruction. Helping learners to be better history students allows them to make meaning of the world around them. 

To do this, I share what I learn and experience as a student, as a teacher, as a human.